Announcing the Cast of Heller Shorts 2019 - "Now and Ten"

This August, Heller Theatre Company kicks off its 2019-20 Season with the tenth annual Heller Shorts play festival.  This year's festival features ten short plays by twelve different playwrights from Tulsa, OK: five brand-new world premiere shorts and five of the best and brightest from the past decade of Shorts. Varying in tone, genre, and subject matter, this theatrical sampler platter showcases the wide-ranging perspectives and talents of Tulsa playwrights.

"Ars Longa, Vita Ferris” (originally seen in 2014)
written by David Blakely; directed by Jarrod Kopp
Abernathy - Alden Anderson
Branson - Robert Young

"Death by Tiger" (2019 Premiere)
written by Daniel Hitzman; directed by Angela Mclaughlin
Pat - Alex Galvan
Tom - Steve Barker

"It’s Not Hard" (2019 Premiere)
written by Karlena Riggs; directed by Machele Dill
Morgan - Andy Axewell
John - Tim Hunter
Morty - Paulette Record

"Jumper" (originally seen in 2012)
written by Michael Wright; directed by Kia Dorsey
George - Andrew Smith
Procter - Meagan Mulgrew

"The Moon is My Neighbor" (originally seen in 2018)
written by Shadia Dahlal; directed by Michelle Cullom
Alfonso - Phoete Mshairi
Mohamed - Obum Ukabam
Police Officer 1 - Jeremy Garrett
Police Officer 2 - Kelly McEver

"Patsy’s Suitcase" (2019 premiere)
written by Kelley Friedberg; directed by Jenny Clyde
Angela - SynCeerae Hill-Robbins
Patsy - Londyn Anderson
Madge -  Liz Masters
Rob - Dion Berryhill

"Tacky" (originally seen in 2015)
written by Nick Lutke and George Romero; directed by Roderick Hudson
Mickey - Ben Harper
Tag - Caleb Stirewalt

"A Tale of Distraction" (2019 Premiere)
written by Camie Hayes and R. Channing Reynolds; directed by Karlena Riggs
Drew - Jeff Jimenez
Alex - Jennifer Hanson

"Three Went Down" (2019 premiere)
written by Andrew Nichols; directed by Audie Pritchett
Wade - John Burns
Colonel Harris - Mike McEver
Gerald - Nick Devlin
German/Karl - Eduardo Saucedo

"Two Lies and the Truth?" (originally seen in 2017)
written by Archer C. Williams; directed by Luke Thompson
Jason - Josh Gammon
Mom - Kelly McEver
Time Traveler - Lindsay Bills
Belial - Ron Friedberg
Zorblaff - Ana Nuñez

We are so excited to continue the tradition of Heller Shorts for a tenth year. Performances will be held August 22, 23, 24, and 25 at 7:30PM and Aug. 25 at 2:00PM in the Lynn Riggs Theater at Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. Tickets will go on sale August 1. A gala celebrating A Decade of Shorts will be held immediately following the Aug. 24 performance.