Announcing the Cast of Heller Shorts 2018 - "On Cloud 9"

This September, Heller Theatre Company kicks off its 2018-19 Season with the ninth annual Heller Shorts play festival.  This year's festival features seven original short plays by seven different playwrights with Tulsa, OK roots. Varying in tone, genre, and topics, this theatrical sampler platter showcases the wide-ranging perspectives and talents of Tulsa playwrights.

"A Dream to Save Your Back"
written by Riley Van Zee; directed by George Romero
Honey - Karlena Riggs
Baby - Deja Jones-Linares

"The Gates of Bliss"
written by John Fisher; directed by Thomas Hunt
Eliza - Sloopy McCoy
Mikaela - Miriam Mills

"Make a Wish"
written by Dan Hitzman; directed by Luke Thompson
Poppy - Paul Henry
Nathan - Brian Grace
Alex - Thomas Duncombe
Sharon - Alyssa Brown
Grammy-in-the-Kitchen - Holly Harper

"The Makeover"
written by Susan Apker; directed by Jenny Clyde
Lou - Liz Masters
Ron - Steve Barker
Ian - Jeff Jimenez

"The Moon is My Neighbor"
written by Shadia Dahlal; directed by Tara Moses
Alfonso - Phoete Mshairi
Mohamed - Durrell Ousley-Wray
Police Officer 1 - Brian Grace
Police Officer 2 - Robbie Bonot

written by Luke Thompson; directed by Beka Buster Schenck
Hayden - Charlie Walter
Alyson - Melissa Storm
Wendy -  Reynada Robinson
Jack - Steve Barker

"Wind and Shadow"
written by Brad Sinor; directed by Nichole Martin
James - Jeremy Goodvoice
Michael - Jeremy Garrett
Saul - Andy Axewell

We are so excited to continue the tradition of "Heller Shorts" for a ninth year. Performances will be held Sept. 6-9 at Nightingale Theatre. Tickets will go on sale mid-August.