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The 25 Hour Play Festival

Attention all Playwrights, Directors, Actors, and Stage Managers: Heller Theatre invites your participation in its upcoming June production, “The 25 Hour Play Festival.”

“The 25 Hour Play Festival” is Heller Theatre’s inaugural venture into this format—writing, rehearsing, and performing an evening’s worth of short plays in a single day. As opposed to ordinary 24 hour play festivals, Heller is giving its artists an entire extra hour, ensuring that we will have the absolute best festival of its kind ever.

For more information on how the event will work, click here.


Audition for the tenth annual Heller Shorts play festival!

Auditions will be held Saturday, June 29 at 2PM at Henthorne Performing Arts Center.

Check out our incredible new season of original works!

Check out our incredible new season of original works!

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Join us on the second Sunday of each month at Agora Event Center, 1402 S Peoria Ave #200, for a reading of new original work by local playwrights!