The 25 Hour Play Festival

Attention all Playwrights, Directors, Actors, and Stage Managers: Heller Theatre invites your participation in its upcoming June production, “The 25 Hour Play Festival.”

“The 25 Hour Play Festival” is Heller Theatre Company’s inaugural venture into this format—writing, rehearsing, and performing an evening’s worth of short plays in a single day. As opposed to ordinary 24 hour play festivals, Heller is giving its artists an entire extra hour, ensuring that we will have the absolute best festival of its kind ever.

To participate, artists should contact Frank Gallagher at gallagherfrank@hotmail.com. Please have your emails in by May 31.

Beginning on the afternoon of Friday, June 21, participants will meet at Henthorne Performing Arts Center off Brookside, where all activities of the Festival will take place. Actors will be divided into groups. Playwrights will be given a number of Tulsa themed “prompts” which will serve as inspiration for a short, 10-minute play which they will write overnight. Plays will be limited to 8 typewritten pages. Prompts might include props, settings, costume pieces, or a single line of dialog. Writers then have to include a certain number of the prompts in their piece.

Beginning Saturday morning, directors take their newly written scripts and begin rehearsal time with their assigned actors. Each group gets a quick tech rehearsal late afternoon. Finally, all plays will be performed that evening, Saturday June 2 at the Henthorne PAC.

 “The 25 Hour Play Festival”, with its creation of multiple original plays by area artists, embodies Heller Theatre Company’s mission statement: "Heller Theatre Company presents compelling and original theatre to raise awareness and open minds through art." 

Contact event coordinator Frank Gallagher at gallagherfrank@hotmail.com for further information about the “25 Hour Play Festival.”

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Heller Shorts 2019: “Now and Ten”

August 22, 23, 24 & 25 at 7:30PM
August 25 at 2:00PM
LiRiggs Theater, Dennis R. Neill Equality Center
621 E. 4th St.

Auditions will be held June 29 at 2PM at Henthorne PAC.
Tickets will go on sale August 1.

We’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of Shorts by staging 10 short plays: a collection of world-premieres and some favorites from the past decade of Shorts.

"Ars Longa, Vita Ferris” by David Blakely (originally seen in 2014); directed by Jarrod Kopp
The Moon is My Neighbor” by Shadia Dahlal (originally seen in 2018); directed by Michelle Collum
Patsy’s Suitcase” by Kelley Friedberg (2019 World Premiere); directed by Jenny Clyde
A Tale of Distraction” by Camie Hayes and R. Channing Reynolds (2019 World Premiere); directed by Karlena Riggs
Death by Tiger” by Dan Hitzman (2019 World Premiere); directed by Angela Mclaughlin
"Tacky” by Nick Lutke and George Romero (originally seen in 2015); directed by Roderick Hudson
Three Went Down” by Andrew Nichols (2019 World Premiere); directed by Audie Pritchett
It’s Not Hard” by Karlena Riggs (2019 World Premiere); directed by Machele Miller-Dill
Two Lies and the Truth?” by Archer C. Williams (originally seen in 2017); directed by Luke Thompson
Jumper” by Michael Wright (originally seen in 2011); directed by Kia Dorsey

A gala celebrating A Decade of Shorts will be held Saturday, August 24, immediately following the performance.

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Check out our third all-original season:

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Click for more information!