I Wish You Actually Liked Me (And Other Familial Impossibilities)

I Wish You Actually Liked Me (And Other Familial Impossibilities)

A Tulsa tradition, Heller Theatre Company presents contemporary and original theatre to raise awareness and open minds through art.


Heller Theatre Company is both a continuation of Tulsa's Heller Theatre, and an entity all its own. After city funding was cut, Heller Theatre was dissolved and Heller Theatre Company emerged to continue in the tradition of keeping compelling and original works a part of Tulsa's theatre scene.

Currently in its third season as an independent non-profit theatre company, HTC continues to reflect the passions, interests, and sensibilities of Tulsa's theatregoers. With seasons comprised of the latest and greatest from Broadway, original full-length works by Tulsa playwrights, and a collaborative short play festival, Heller Theatre Company gives a voice to Tulsa's talents and allows them to shine onstage, on paper, and behind the scenes.






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Nightingale Theater
1416 E 4th St
Tulsa, OK 74120

...Whether it is drama or comedy, they’ve got it covered.
— J. Henderson